District Neelum:

Running through the lesser Himalayas the valley of neelum river is main attraction of Azad Jammu and Kashmir this valley is well recognized due to its snow covered peaks, fountains, spring, water walls, flowering trees and plants and profusion of wild life. Geographically too, it’s a hospital able valley. The neelum valley about 242 km long bow shaped with magestic pine, fir and deodar trees, lies north-south of Muzaffarabad.

The 145 km long kingdom of vegetation is rapid apart by neelum river which flows down hills to merge it self into the river Jehlum at domail.

Once can approach to neelum valley in two ways, one from kaghan valley at two points i.e. the noor naar gali and rati gali and many minor passes. The second approach is from Muzaffarabad. From pattika forest, one reachs noseri 39 km ahead of muzaffaraabad. Next come chalhiana, barian, salkhala, jura, kundal shahi and athmaqam on this road. On a number of places, the local population has built rope crossing on the river, which is a very dangerous drive and very thought of crossing these points is horrible but thrilling.

Tao butt is a example of vegetation generosity of the liberal nature. The spot is cloned with all delicious and necessities. Nature flirts here with fantastic environment. Deodar, pine, fir, wild walnut, strawberry and a variety of wild growth and hurbs are the treasures of the valley. Shounther hill tops are covered with green forest and the field are lush green with crops.

Like the kaghan valley, that runs parallel to it, its famous for tracking, fishing and purposefull inactivates. Neelum river and Jagran Nullah are stocked with trout.

Kundal shahi:

 Kundal shahi is 74 km from Muzaffarabad, another midway station, a small comericial center and head quarters the operational center for AKLAS which is responsible for timber extraction to commercial markets in Pakistan. A tourist range bifurcats from Kundal Shahi to Jagran Nuallah which again a mini river is running all the year around. Its water its glass light tamped having good potential for trout fish development.

Kuttan jagran Valley:

The bewitching beauty of Kutton permeated in the radius of 10 kilometers, makes Jagran Valley. The area is 16 kilometers from Kundal Shahi and is accessible by road. For the convenience of tourists, AJK tourism Department has constructed a rest house here. Whereas, accommodation is also available in adjacent residential complex managed by the Hydro Electric Board. From here 16 kilometers onward, Thunian, Ghansi and Jagran are located which are worth seeing spots for nature lovers and adventurists


Now Attmakam is the district headquater of district neelum. Authmaqam is other important station in the valley. Having an altitude of aobut 1371 meters above sea level is located at a distance of 10 Kms from Muzaffarabad is connected by metalled road with Muzaffarabad. From here upwards emerges typical kashmiri living pattern with houses built of wooden logs, most of them double storied. Curd, cheese, maize bread along with chutney is the other palatable diet. The other major diet commonly used is rice.

Nelum (Karen)

At a sidtacne of about 9 Kms from Athmqam, Neelum (Karen) is located on the Right Bank of Neelum River and about 1524 meters above sea level. So for it is the half of the Neelum Valley and aftger this are the more enchanting spots full of exuberance an dlife. A Tourist Rest House (run by AJK tourism Dept.) is situated on the bank of meandering River Neelum across which one can have glance at the Indain-Occupied Kashmir. Its lawn slops down towards. The western bank of the river. The bazaar consists of the river. The bazaar consists of cover a dozen shops with a post office and public call office. Commodities are transported to the bazaar from Authmaqam by trucks. Due to its importance from Tourism point of view, AJK tourism Dept. is constructing two Tourist Motels, 15 Tourist Huts, Cafeteria and Tuck Shop at both Upper and Lower Neelum, which on completion will make this area as a tremendous tourist destination. Accommodation through Forest Log Hut is also available.


Dowarrian is situated, 13 Kms from Neelum at an altitude of about 1615 meters. Mountains full of comfier trees surround it. Over here a mule-track up to Ratti Gali Pas (4140 meters), about 30 Kms toward west congest the Neelum and Kaghan Valleys. Near the pass is Ratti Gali Sar, an alpine lake. There is a Forest Rest House on the top of the hill and an Angler’s Hut.


16 kilmeters past Sharda, upstream takes one to Kel, which is at the height of 2097 meters above sea level. This si another picturesque place in the Neleum Valley. The Shounter Nullah joins river Neelum at this place and leads to Gilgit Agency over the Shounter Pass (4420 meter avboe sea level). Buses run daily on this route in good weather. Ti si advisable ot hire a jee form Authmaqam for a trip in to the valley. Horses and ponie4s can be hired locally for travel to the interior parts of Neleum Valley, Bank, Collage, Hospital, Bazar, PCO, AJK Tourism’s Motel. Rest Houses and Forest Frest House facilities are available. Form Kel, a long track goes towards Naga Parbat over the 4420 meters Shounter Gali.


The border village about 38 km ahead of Ke. Is a fascination yet unexplored. Janwai, Sardari and Halmet are the most beautiful places of this area. The Tourist Rest House has been constructed at Halmat to provide accommodation facilities to the visitors. To travel form Kel to Halmet area, it’s better to hire jeep or horse. Beyond Halmet Valley goes into Indian held Kashmir.

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